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              Guangzhou Fengda Machinery Company devote to producing cake tray machine, cake tray forming machine, cake tray making machine,baking cup machine, tulip cup machine, muffin cup machine and other machines and equipment.Our company has a history of up to 20 years.Our company is located in Guangdong. China, have own distinctive technology.Our machines like cake tray machine,cake tray forming machine,cake tray making machine are very popular around the world such as Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East,the good new is that whole machines are succeed acquire CE certificate.The customer who has brought our product is commended us. Therefore,more and more clients choose us,believe us.Our company makes the utmost efforts to ensure customer service and customer satisfaction.We are able to offer a full range of services in agreement.It has a management service for the customer and the ability to process, can be returned by coordinating shipments and fundamentally.That we have standingly able partner worldwide who know our machines well and can respond rapidly when the need arises. They could just be replacement of part, or may be provided technical assistance to services in the replacement or the total product, goods which Fengda operation overall responsibility for connecting service.

             On our web site, you can clearly see detailed information of our machines,comprising  cake tray machine, cake tray forming machine prices, cake tray making machine, of course, we could offer more cake tray machine,cake tray forming machine, cake tray making machine for your video,pictures. If available, you can also be personally come to visit our factory.

             In 2004, China has a number of paper products supplier, but also very difficult to find such cake tray forming machine for this machine. So more and more customers to visit our factories and then, requires us to design a cake tray machine. Since then, we are dedicated design cake tray machine. Cake tray cake tray forming machines and semi-automatic manufacturing machine.We began to design the cake tray equipment is not suitable for customers in Europe, as in Europe, cost of labor is very expensive. After several exchanges, research, succeeded in designing an automatic cake tray machine. We have advanced technology, constantly improved and upgrading of products to conform customer demand.

Kevin Luo

Kevin Luo

As a sales manager of Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co.,Ltd, I’m privileged to help people and solve problems. Find me on Face Book,Twitter, and let’s connect on LinkedIn.
Kevin Luo
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