2016 China Food Packaging Machinery Exhibition held in the upcoming Shanghai

2016 China Food Packaging Machinery Exhibition held in the upcoming Shanghai

cake tray forming machine In “Display technology, and promote cooperation and development” as its theme, the 2016 seventh (Shanghai) Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Exhibition showcases the latest technology and equipment of domestic food and beverage packaging, processing, automation, general and testing fields. This food machinery exhibition exhibition area of ​​50,000 square meters, attracted hundreds of brands from Germany, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, China and Hong Kong, China and other 32 countries and regions participate in the display, they will bring Chinese market to the international advanced food processing and packaging technology, domestic enterprises will also be competing against.

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Industry chiefs gathered

Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Zhan and Hui Shang learned German Bada manufactured flesh separator is the world’s best soft component and the solid component separation machinery, different products can be refined and recycled. The Shijiazhuang Xiaojin Machinery Manufacturing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. vacuum filling machine filling process can be done in a vacuum state, effectively ensuring the color of the product shelf life and product bright, mellow taste. It brings together the latest food and beverage processing equipment exhibition, dry mixing equipment, bakery equipment, packaging machinery, beverage filling beer, oil processing and packaging equipment, sterilization technology, general machinery, spare parts, packaging materials, food safety testing technology hundred More than leading food processing machinery and equipment companies, within the food, beverage, dairy, wine, grain, confectionery, cakes, puffed, canned food, fruits and vegetables, spices, rice, soy products, agricultural products, meat, water treatment, kitchen, food raw ingredients, bio-pharmaceuticals, health nutrition, food machinery industry procurement trade, cooperation and exchange of the annual event. Now annual growth rate of more than 40%, then 60% participation rate
Scale new heights

With the continuous development of food packaging and processing industry growth, food packaging machinery have gradually embarked on the fast track. Insiders said that China’s food packaging industry has become a potential growth industry, will have a broad market space. The future development trend of food packaging machinery will be coordinated with industrial automation, packaging equipment to promote the overall level of increase, the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment, food packaging machinery to achieve Mechatronics. The exhibition expanded to 3,000 square meters.

Exhibition area: 50,000 square meters is expected the number of visitors 42 000 visitors

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