Baking cookies super delicious DIY muffin cup

Boil a muffin cup supplier of fragrant creamy caramel sauce, making a caramel unique flavor of the cupcakes, really very delicious.

By using this CUPCAKE CAKE embryo, is a taste very soft, practices and is very simple cake. Because contain enough cream and moisture, the cake made directly to the low gluten flour to wet material, eggbeater whipping can be, do not stress too much gimmick, also need not worry flour rib, but we need flour rib to form the structure of the cake.Rest assured that directly with the eggbeater whipping all the materials mixed together, it really super simple!

[Caramel cupcakes] (reference component: 14 cup)

Caramel muffin cup manufacturer embryo ingredients: low gluten flour 100 grams, 60 grams of butter, cream and caramel sauce 90 grams, egg 40 grams, 50 grams of milk, vanilla and 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml), 1/4 teaspoon salt (1.25ml), baking powder 5 grams

Cream Caramel Cream: 100 grams of butter, cream and caramel sauce 75 grams, rum 2 teaspoon (10ml)

Baking: oven middle, upper and lower fire of 175 degrees, 14 minutes

Cream caramel sauce [] (the reference component: can produce about 180 grams)

Ingredients: sugar 100 grams, 20 grams of water, animal cream 100 grams

Surface decoration: Cream Caramel Sauce

Cream caramel sauce practices see Bowen second part

The production process:

1, first of all to make Caramel Cake embryo, egg, and 20 grams of milk mix, and add the vanilla extract and mix.

2, another bowl, pour the softened butter, cream and caramel sauce, 30 grams of residual milk, salt.

3, the flour and baking powder, sieve into the second step of the bowl.

4, using hand-held whisk beat, so that the flour and butter and milk mixed wet material.When the flour is completely wet after, will whisk speed to high-grade, continue beating for 1 minutes, so the batter appear fluffy and smooth state.

5, beating well after the batter was state as shown in figure.

6, continue to whip the batter, putting the mixed liquid first step ready slowly pour the batter. Edge down while stirring, until completely poured out, finally get wet paste.

7, put the batter into the cup, a full 5-6 (depending on personal preferences, if you like baked cake Fuller, fell into 6 full, but not more than 6 into a full, otherwise the baking time batter will overflow).

8, the paper cups into the tray, the tray in the preheated upper and lower fire 175 DEG C oven, bake for 14 minutes or until the cake is completely inflated, golden brown baked, cooling backup.

9, the production of Caramel Cream cream. Soften butter eggbeater sent to color shallow, volume fluffy, add the cream and caramel sauce, continue whisk, become fluffy cream cream. Finally add the rum, whipped evenly.

10, put the cream caramel cream into the flower extrusion bag with star shaped flowers mouth after cooling cupcakes top circle method to squeeze a circle cream cream as decoration. Finally, a small amount of cream and caramel sauce into the flower extrusion bag, the flower extrusion bag cut a small hole in the front, a stripe shaped extrusion in the butter cream frosting on the caramel sauce as a decoration.


1, the cake is particularly soft, will harden some after cold storage. At the same time, because the decoration with Caramel Cream Cream after cold storage will become very hard, so the cake for food at room temperature, the more soft and delicious.

2, Caramel Cream Cream relatively taste or more tired, so at the top to squeeze a circle can be, do not squeeze too high too thick, so as not to be too greasy.

3, this with a caramel flavor cupcakes, even if the top is not crowded Caramel Cream Cream, eat directly is also very delicious oh!

4, the production of this cake I use paper cups are small (the diameter of the upper opening 4.8cm, under the mouth diameter 3.8cm, height 2.8cm), so the more number of production. If you use a cup to be large, making the corresponding quantity will be less, baking time was the need to extend the.

Attached: [cream caramel sauce]

A creamy caramel sauce practices, previous Bowen had introduced, if seen, you can skip this part of ha.

The production process:

1, the pot add sugar, poured into 20 grams of water.

2, the pan with a small fire heating. With the increased heat, sugar will gradually dissolve, and began to emerge vesicles. In the process of heating stirring is not required.

3, gradually, more and more bubbles. At this time, be patient.

4, heating after a period of time, the sugar color began to change, a yellow.

5, this time, you can gently shake the pot, let sugar color becomes uniform. Keep a small fire heating, until the sugar color more and more deep.

6, next, the moment of truth. Note that the sugar color, when a Jiao Hongshai (deep amber) when, immediately turn off the heat, and add fresh boiling boiling unsalted butter. Into the future, will be heated boiling syrup, at this time to be careful.

7, use the spoon sugar sauce and stir evenly, and put the pot sit in the cold water basin, continue stirring, the syrup can quickly cool down. When the syrup has become “calm” and even when, can put aside, wait for it to cool completely.

8, just boil hot syrup good looks relatively thin, after cooling, will become a thick caramel sauce. The caramel sauce into glass bottles in the freezer, with access to ha.


In 1, when the family cook caramel sauce, generally the amount is not large, so it is best to use a small fire heating, the coking sugar slowly. Sugar coke to an appropriate extent so a few seconds, if the fire is too large, will accidentally coking overuse of paste flavor.

2, sugar to the right color, must resolutely shut the fire, and immediately pour boiled water or light cream. Can’t pour cold cream, one is into may splash out after scald, two sugar encounter cold water will solidify hardening, cannot be mixed evenly.

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