Healthy blueberry yam mud

Healthy blueberry yam mud


Chinese yam with blueberry is particularly popular now a cold dish, practices, it is simple, not only delicious,

can do very beautiful, is absolutely a beautiful landscape on the table.
So the color of the food at home can also be easily made, and can do more beautiful.
Make it out of the way, is not a bit better than the cake? But it is simpler than the cake, and the nutrition is

much better than the cake, and the heat is much lower than the cake.
How, let it go on the table, as a beautiful dessert, to replace the cake bar.
Blueberry yam
Blueberry yam
Yam 400g, red bean paste 200g, blueberry sauce 2 spoon, blueberry number
1, Chinese yam washed, sliced, not peeled, steamed into the steamer
2, Steamed Yam dry cool, torn skin, in a large bowl, Daocheng mashed yam use a spoon or a fork or a rolling pin,

if relatively dry yam puree can pour a little yogurt
3, take a flat, laying a layer of yam puree in a bowl
4, the red bean paste on the yam mud
5, and then in the red bean paste spread a layer of mashed yam, a layer of red bean paste, the top shop medicine

mud up the mountain, a fledgling similar to the cake is done
6, put blueberry sauce in a bowl, add two TSP cold water, stir well
7, the blueberry water poured on the yam, and then decorated with fresh blueberries and strawberries on the
1, the amount of Chinese yam and red bean paste is only for reference, each layer of the volume can be adjusted
2, red bean paste can also be replaced by other Zaoni darker, and white yam contrast would be more attractive
3, shape can also be adjusted to make a round of the more like a cake oh

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