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Don’t know since when, we eat the cake more a layer of paper holds outside packing, convenient we can take the cake without oily content on their hands, after all, the cleaning of oil content is a trouble thing, we can be at ease and enjoy delicious cake, paper is paper we speak of the cake. Now, let’s look at the cake paper do some simple introduction. Cake from the name of that, the paper holder is made of paper made of this material as the main raw materials, used in cake packaging items. And why call it paper holder, I believe you literally can also see some clues. Yes, it is because at the time of production, in order to meet this characteristic, let consumers to see if really can hold the cake. Raw materials, after all, it is a paper, but do not dismiss this layer of paper, it will firmly against the cake, to form a whole, no matter who meet, don’t feel put together can appear abrupt.

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