Look from the various aspects of tulip cup machine

The tulipcup machine, in addition to more powerful manufacturers can do all operations, other investors initially will be done outside the printing and die cutting. First of all, can reduce the investment amount; The second printing, process more strict professional level is higher. Individual tulipcup machine due to raw material – – pulp quality closes nevertheless, in order to achieve the visual effect, make the finished product looks more white and bright, some manufacturer in tulipcup machine, joined in violation of the rules of fluorescent whitening agent, this kind of material, under the action of the machine, make original cell fission and produce effect, but once absorbed by the body, can form carcinogenic factors lurking. So, this kind of tulipcup machine not only violates the relevant provisions of the country, also fatal to use the paper cups, of course, when the choice should be to polish eyes. Because tulipcup machine sales object is different, the service nature, and merchants, to achieve the balance between the sales, but also concerns the health index of population, so the tulipcup machine is the choice of source.


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Kevin Luo

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