Required tulip cup of raw materials and packaging printing surface

The production tulip cup machine in the program, one of the more important link is the volume of packaging printing,

it is guaranteed that a key problem of the quality of tulip cup machine.
The surface treatment. The raw materials for printing, the surface must be kept free from dirt, no moisture phenomenon,

no concave convex smoothness good. PE and other materials must be special treatment, because this belongs to the non

polarity, and the surface smoothness extreme meets the requirements, have excellent. But its surface tension is weak,

far not up to standard, so it must be another operation: the corona treatment, the aim of the course is to make the surface

state by corona external stimuli and change, rapidly improve that meet the printing requirements. This is repeated a strong

degree of help when printing ink.
For the situation tulip cup machine raw material requirements of such:
1, can go directly printing base paper surface tension program must have considerable (wax great value of not less than 14A),

to prevent in the process of operation off fine hairs or dregs powder phenomenon.
2, the surface is exquisite degree must be adequate, printing ink to show the uniformity of the finished product.

tulip cup machine

tulip cup machine


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