tulip cup machine work procedure

tulip cup machine be without rebuke, of course, is made the special equipment roll paper cup.

Speaking of the operation procedure, operation content of each procedure, is not complicated,

work intensity and difficulty are acceptable.
1, through the equipment in the automatic function of the paper feeding seal, pouring oil, high temperature

bottom punching, rolling flower production, the remnant material unloading process, to the production of

a variety of life in the environment of various types of tulip cup machine or similar food container.
2, very skillful suction to complete the program operation, after this, rely on the automatic tulip cup machine

the basic function, vol..
3, the operation process of any accident, the workers without specific inspection, determine the cause of the accident,

but not because of any hurt innocent accident, but by virtue of the system equipment in the unit, gives the accurate

localization, the associated parts of the whole process of the shortest time limit, to the fastest speed, because of photoelectric

tracking the implementation has high technology content, the automatic alarm immediately after the shutdown.

tulip cup machine

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