Development Status and Trends of China’s pharmaceutical carton packaging industry analysis 2014

With the rapid development of the global pharmaceutical market and consumer pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical carton packaging industry is developing rapidly and has broad market prospects. International printing industry research firm Smithers PIRA (Printing Industry ResearchAssociation, printing industry Research Association) in May 2013 released data show that in 2012 the market size of the global folding carton U.S. $ 140 billion, of which pharmaceutical folding carton packaging applications accounted for 9% is the largest application market size of about $ 12.6 billion. The agency is expected to continue at an average annual growth rate of 5.1% in the future, to 2018 the global market will reach $ 184 billion, of which pharmaceutical folding carton packaging applications will be driven by one of the main driving force behind the folding carton market growth , especially in developing countries.
China’s pharmaceutical carton packaging industry, especially high-quality pharmaceutical products started late development carton. Longer period of time, pharmaceutical products intended primarily for manual tray cartoning common products used to produce relatively coarse. Since the 90s of last century, along with a number of well-known foreign pharmaceutical companies to invest and build factories in China, as well as improving domestic pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their production technology, high speed automatic packaging lines begin a large range of applications, driven by domestic pharmaceutical folding carton industry The rise and development, professional production companies began to appear, begin to supply the required for all types of imported or domestic high-end automatic carton packaging line products, and gradually realize the localization of production. In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s pharmaceutical industry and fully join the international competition, superior value and functionality pharmaceutical carton packaging products to get in-depth development and utilization, which in ensuring drug safety, brand image and the fight against counterfeit medicines and other aspects of worth more attention, more and more high production levels, increasing scale, faster and faster. With multiple factors are expected to further growth of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical products such as electronic monitoring policy implementation, the next few years the demand scale and speed of China’s pharmaceutical market will reach a new carton of historical levels.

The next few years, the main factor driving China’s pharmaceutical carton packaging industry evolving in:

(1) sustained and rapid development of China’s pharmaceutical industry will drive long-term stable growth of the pharmaceutical carton packaging industry

Market demand for pharmaceutical carton packaging products closely related to drug production. Future, sustained and rapid development of China’s pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical carton packaging products will not only bring rapid growth in demand, and with the power shift to the production of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory attention and the degree of utilization of pharmaceutical packaging continuously improve the value and function of pharmaceutical cartons will continue to improve. During the second five countries for the pharmaceutical industrial output value of the average annual growth of 20%, the average annual industrial added value growth of 16% target for the development of the pharmaceutical carton packaging industry has brought good opportunities for development.

(2) China’s drug electronic monitoring code to implement the policy of deepening the pharmaceutical carton packaging industry will bring new development opportunities

Drug electronic monitoring code refers to the smallest unit of pharmaceutical sales printed a group of one-dimensional barcodes (20 of 128C code) variable data codes and variable barcode constituted the drugs’ electronic monitoring identity card “for easy consumption those queries so that the quality problem of drug traceability and recall of implementation, contribute to the effective fight against counterfeit medicines.

In recent years, the introduction of drug regulatory departments continue to regulations and policies, to strengthen the drug electronic monitoring. With increasingly stringent electronic monitoring of drugs, pharmaceutical carton industry is facing good opportunities policy. The electronic monitoring code printing and high correlation pharmaceutical carton production process resulted not all electronic monitoring code printing companies can get the same opportunity to compete in this policy situation, along with electronic monitoring code only production capacity and pharmaceutical cartons large-scale production capacity of enterprises, in order to truly grasp the market opportunities. So already have large-scale production capacity of enterprises is bound to benefit from it, and usher in a new development opportunity.

(3) the domestic pharmaceutical carton end products also face important opportunities for broad access to international markets

Since 2006, with the increasing number of patented drugs expire, generic drug market began to flourish, to break the monopoly of pharmaceutical companies in developing countries to block the developed countries, to participate in international competition in the market of drugs offers new opportunities.

Since China has the world’s fastest growing but also the most future development of the pharmaceutical market size, but also has a competitive advantage in production costs, research and development and clinical trials costs, thus, the domestic pharmaceutical companies will have more opportunities to the international market, China is also the most likely to become one of the major international drug purchase. Therefore, China will continue to expand the demand for high-end pharmaceutical carton packaging products, carton industry leading technological advances in medicine, and to promote pharmaceutical carton packaging enterprises to actively participate in international competition.

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As a sales manager of Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co.,Ltd, I’m privileged to help people and solve problems. Find me on Face Book,Twitter, and let's connect on LinkedIn.
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