Nanjing Education

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Nanjing has always been education flourish, the earliest documented by the Danyang prefect school was established in 30 AD ( Han Jianwu six years ) . As early as the Han Dynasty , Jiangdong private school has been relatively well developed. Nanjing government-run Higher education began in Soochow . 258 years ( Wu Yongan first year ) , closed Sun Chao Li Pentateuch was founded by Dr Sinology, Li Jin and Song, Qi, Liang, Chen four dynasties , Nanjing Imperial College , Jiangning Song maoshan College was one of six College , Nanjing Imperial period to the Ming the world’s most prosperous highest institution ; Jinling non -Kyoto era converted by the central institution Nanjing government school , 1650 Qingjiang Ningfu Ming Imperial Academy to learn ; addition, the establishment of Song Ming College , Mao Shan College , Zhongshan College offers Qing , Xi Yin College , has opened Qing Jiangnan Industrial School , Jiangnan Wu academy , Jiangnan land division school, Jiangnan naval Academy , Jinling craft such a large school new school . [ 38 ]
Basic Education

In 1884, the U.S. Presbyterian College in Nanjing opened Matilda . In 1923, the founder of the Drum Tower Heqin kindergarten is China’s first experimental study of the Early Childhood Center . [ 39 ] Nanjing is the oldest public high school in 1902 attached to the High School Affiliated to Sanjiang Normal School ( now South Division High School ) .
As of 2012 , the city has 220 general secondary schools , students 23.07 million ; 32 secondary vocational schools , students 8.36 million ; ordinary primary schools 344 students in school 30.72 million. Experimental Primary School 157 small classes , small demonstration city primary school reached 20 . The city has 29 private schools , students 4.80 million. 9 adult college students in school 17.83 million. The city has formed 578 kindergartens , 17.06 million children in the garden , the city reached 317 provincial-level high-quality garden . [ 40 ]
Famous School: Nanjing Foreign Language School , South Division High School , Jinling High School , the first secondary school in Nanjing , China School, Nanjing ninth middle school, high school XIII Nanjing Ninghai Middle School
Famous Elementary School: Nanjing Normal University Preparatory School is a historic modern Chinese primary school primary education
Higher Education
Central Road
Nanjing is one of the most concentrated resources of higher education in China ‘s five major cities, three national centers of higher education , science and technology capabilities second only to Beijing , Shanghai , ranking third in the country [ 41 ] , with the national key disciplines ranks third bit [ 42 ] , 2011 China ranked second only to the city of Shanghai Higher Education [ 43-44 ] . Nanjing higher education gross enrollment rate of 57.9 percent , more than 14 years of education per capita . Academicians from Nanjing out nearly 200 people , and is currently working in Nanjing 81 academicians , number of students per million over 1100 people in 2009 was elected ” China Education Development force most cities .” [ 45 ] As of 2012 , in Nanjing, a total of 54 colleges and universities , 71.96 million college students , 31 postgraduate training institutions , graduate students 9.57 million [ 40 ] , every people has the largest number of Chinese college students First, every million people have in China’s second- largest number of graduate students in Nanjing Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, which ranked third in the country . National ” thousands of people plan ” Distinguished experts 87 , second only to Beijing and Shanghai .

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As a sales manager of Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co.,Ltd, I’m privileged to help people and solve problems. Find me on Face Book,Twitter, and let's connect on LinkedIn.
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